Dec 03, 2018

Thought Leadership

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Read up on vital trends and industry best practices for travel insurance and event protection. We cover topics related to increasing your ancillary revenue, how insurance can meet consumers’ evolving needs, enhancing the customer experience with innovative strategies, and more.

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Top 5 Reasons Travelers Buy Trip Protection

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Our latest customer survey reveals which protection benefits are most important to travelers and why they wouldn’t book a trip without insurance. More >

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SmartBenefits Can Pay for Flight Delays in Real-time

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From proactive claim payments to "no receipts" claims for travel and bag delays, our SmartBenefitsSM are redefining travel protection. More >

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Millennial Family Travel Surges Across America

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The maturing of influential generations, plus a rise in global travel disruptions and natural disasters, is shifting Americans’ leisure travel habits. More >

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Medical Crisis Abroad: One Couple’s Travel Story

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On a recent trip to Jamaica, Frances never imagined breaking her hip and needing surgery. She recounts her medical crisis abroad. More >

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Surviving a Life-Threatening Medical Emergency Abroad

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Two travelers talk about their life-threatening medical emergencies in foreign places, and what it meant to have Allianz Partners on their side. More >

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5 Travel Pioneers Reimagining the Customer Experience

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Digital pioneers in travel like Marriott, John Paul and Klook are using new tech like AI and self-service apps to reimagine customer touchpoints. More >

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3 Tech Innovations Reshaping the Buyer Journey

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How are personalization, chatbots and VR reshaping consumer buying experiences? Just look at Ticketmaster®, and Carnival. More >

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Travelers’ 4 Biggest Anxieties That Can Hurt Your Bookings

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Addressing high rates of shopping cart abandonment in travel, we uncover four major anxieties that could prevent customers from booking their trip. More >

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7 Ways to Grow Business with a Capable Insurance Partner

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The right partner can align with business goals to bolster your customer satisfaction and bottom line using these seven capabilities. More >

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Protecting Youth Sports Camps and Winter Sports

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Launched with Liftopia and My Online Camp, our latest product innovations focus on youth sports camps, game series tickets and winter sports. More >

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Skift Report Uncovers the Myths & Realities of Travel Risk

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In an era of increased travel disruptions, Skift analyzes how travel providers can utilize insurance and tech to keep customers happy and traveling. More >

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3 Ways We Improved Claims, Payments and Benefits

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Using customer feedback to spur innovation in products and operations, we’ve re-engineered our customer experience in three critical areas. More >

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TravelSmart App Redesigned: New Global Safety Features

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Our user-friendly redesign lets travelers easily view real-time trip details, file claims and quickly locate emergency services and assistance globally. More >

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New Destination Guides with Frommers Exclusive Insights

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We recently launched new TravelSmart Destination Guides, featuring curated itineraries for trips across four continents and powered by Frommers. More >

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Inside Allianz Global Assistance’s Virtual ER

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After flying into Panama City, travel journalist Brian Major (pictured) was rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung. More >

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Protecting Your Customers When Disaster Strikes

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As four major hurricanes devastated coastal areas, we responded to 435,000 calls and thousands of claims. Their personal stories are inspiring. More >

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Rescued Abroad: Behind the Scenes in an Air Ambulance

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Handling 500 medical evacuations a year, our global assistance team recently took a behind-the-scenes tour of an air ambulance. More >

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4 Reasons More Travelers Buy Travel Insurance

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From consumer travel trends to terrorism, here's a look at major factors driving the increase in demand for travel protection. More >

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Protecting Athletes in the World’s Toughest Races

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We asked our insured athletes their top concerns for missing races and which registration fees they want to protect. More >

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How Customer Friendly is Your Company?

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Mike Nelson, CEO of the Americas, shares three ways to use the “voice of the customer” to improve critical customer touchpoints. More >

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Who Protects Travel More: Millennials or Boomers?

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Our customers shared valuable insights on travel habits, top concerns, and which types of travelers are more likely to buy trip insurance. More >

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Influencers Making Travel Protection an Easier Sell

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From Johnny Jet to Lee Abamonte, we’re finding advocates enthusiastic about educating consumers on the benefits of trip protection. More >

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Promoting Worry-Free Travel with AAA

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We explore what inspires Americans to travel in a campaign that promotes worry-free vacations. Our goal: to help travel agents increase their sales. More >

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Inspiring Traveler Confidence with Amtrak

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Our in-house marketing agency created emotionally compelling ad campaigns for one of the most recognized U.S. travel brands. More >

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Music, Art & Sports Fans: Who Buys More Ticket Protection?

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We asked music, art and sports fans what their biggest concerns are for missing an event. Our exclusive results show what they worry about. More >

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AI Bots and Digital Concierges Drive Higher Revenue

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Priceline, Kayak, Ticketmaster and Marriott use chatbots and digital concierges to give customers convenient, personalized experiences. More >

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Customer Data Drives Loyalty and Revenue Growth

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By turning customer data into insights for higher-converting travel insurance offers, we help you build customer loyalty and increase revenue. More >

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Lodging Revolution Uncovers New Revenue

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Hotel travel insurance is a new revenue stream in the online booking path that helps protect your guests from the unexpected. More >

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Leading Innovations in Claims and Customer Experience

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We've made our claims process faster and easier than ever with mobile filing, simpler forms, and direct deposit for payments in as little as 48 hours. More >

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