Jun 28, 2018

Technology Solutions

Easy and effective. We know that's what you are looking for in everything you do. That's why Allianz Partners has developed turnkey technology solutions that help you sell our products more efficiently.

We believe in technology that makes you more productive and profitable. We also believe the key to our technology success is our consultative approach. 

But our technology innovation doesn't only help you, it also impacts us right here at home. For example, we developed a Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) system that reduced our call center's expenses by 50 percent. 

In other words, we ensure that our solutions work harder for everyone, so we can all succeed in doing what we do best.

AgentMax Online

AgentMaxTM, our unique, award-winning desktop software program, has been helping travel agents increase their sales and income for more than a decade. Now, with AgentMax Online, we've made selling travel insurance easier than ever with an array of upgraded and mobile-optimized features — giving travel agents greater flexibility, efficiency, and an all-around better selling experience. 

Learn how AgentMax Online makes selling travel insurance easier, more flexible, and more productive for travel agents. 


We are trusted by the world's largest airlines and travel agencies to protect their customers for two big reasons — we have great products and we can seamlessly deliver those products through our partners. 

With a constant focus on our partners' needs, we approach integrations using proven, market-tested processes and methodologies that ensure we can have new partners up, running, and selling in a matter of weeks — not months.

We connect our partners and their customers to our widely trusted products using a suite of open web services and industry-standard technology, which emphasize ease-of-use and reduce potential compatibility issues with existing systems. And to maintain an open line of communication, we provide our partners with world-class service through a single point of contact throughout our relationship.

In the end, our partners get a robust solution that enhances their brand, supports real-time quote and purchasing functionality, and saves them time, money, and hassle.