Oct 03, 2018

What We Do

Every year, we protect more than 200 million customers around the globe. From protecting travel plans to concert tickets or college tuition, we take care of our customers and their financial investments to create better experiences.

We continuously examine market data and trends to anticipate consumer needs and create compelling products and services for our customers. We also leverage our global infrastructure and experience to deliver world-class digital solutions to meet and exceed our partners' evolving needs.

Discover how our products can add value to your business while enhancing your relationship with your customers.

Travel Insurance

Your customers have invested plenty in their trip already. Why leave their trip in the hands of fate when we can be there to cover the unexpected?


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Tuition Insurance

We offer parents and students a more comprehensive solution to protect their smartest investment.




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Event Protection

Learn how we help our customers protect their biggest event investments from the unexpected.




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Bankcard Services

See how we work on behalf of credit card payment services and issuing banks to deliver amazing customer service to millions of U.S. cardholders.


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Assistance Services

No matter where your customers need us, we’ve built our reputation on being there — and being ready to help.



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Partner Services

We can help provide your company with additional sources of revenue, as well as superior value for your customers. 



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